Meet the owner -
Bob Ballard, US Navy Veteran,
Diver, Treasure Hunter, Owner,
Retired FOA Master Instructor
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Bob has been actively involved in the telecommunications industry for over 40 years. He has
spoken at Universities, Architectural Firms, Integrator Meetings, and Conventions. He has
performed fiber optics training for contractors all over the US and Mexico.  He also has taught
numerous fiber optic training sessions in the United States and Mexico on subjects ranging
from Long-Haul Fiber Connectivity to Network Grounding.  He is responsible for designing and
implementing the largest 10gig fiber to the desk network in US history in 2005.  Read all about
that project
HERE.  Bob is also founder of one of the largest fiber optics training companies in
the world.  Just Goggle the following:  
Bob Ballard Fiber Optics.

He served as an active serviceman in the US Navy from 1971 to 1975 and was honorably
discharged from the Naval Reserve in 1985.  While aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Saratoga
(CV-60) between 1971 and 1972, Bob's unit, VA-105, supported air operations in the Republic of
North Vietnam.  As a Weapons, Ordnance, and Small Arms Specialist, Bob proudly served his
country during these trying times.  

As an aviator (Commercial Pilot w/Flight Instructor Ratings) from 1978 until 1994, he performed
at numerous air shows throughout Texas and was featured on ABC News in Austin, Texas in
1982 with his new home built, experimental aircraft.  (See photos on the right).  Bob has built
race cars, airplanes, hot rods, and giant websites.  He is also a Treasure Hunter and Certified
Scuba Diver and has made significant finds in the cities of York and Milton Keynes, England,
UK, and Vicksburg, MS.  In 2009, Bob had finds on the island of Nevis in the Caribbean that
added to the archaeological and historical records of that remote island.

Over the past 17 years, Bob, as owner of one of the largest fiber optic training companies in the
US,  has been asked on occasion to explain why his initial websites were so popular.  With
these questions in mind, he felt the need to provide a website design service that was not only
very economical, but also easy to use and easy to maintain for an individual looking to start his
or her own small business with limited income and limited website-building experience.  

Let him show you how it is done!

Bob is a life-long member of the Fiber Optic Association.
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Bob Ballard is a
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Vietnam Veteran-Owned Small Business
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USS Saratoga, Gulf of Tonken, 1971
USS Saratoga, (CV-60)
Gulf of Tonken, 1971
J.B Magruder Salvage Vessel
Atocha Site, Key West: 2013
Experimental A/C, N1388K, 1980
Late Model, 1956 Chevy, Stock
Car, Almeda Speedway, 1970
1927 Fort Model-T Roadster,
Austin, TX, 2015
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Bob Ballard, Vietnam Veteran
Master Fiber Optics Instructor
Certifed by the
Ph: 717-