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When you go to the web and do a search for website builders you
not only find terms that are overwhelming, but also you find
service features and options that are really confusing.  While you
are attempting to understand it all, there is that lingering pain
that starts to develop in your pocketbook creating the question,
"Wow!  How much am I going to have to spend to get a
reasonable website for a reasonable price?"

Here are some questions you might have.

1.) I am a returning Veteran and would like to start my own
business.  Can you provide me with a low cost, "business start up
economic website"?

2.) Since I have very little computer experience, can you teach me
how to maintain my own site and set up my email service?

3.) Can you help me to develop a business plan and marketing
strategy for my business idea.

4.) I have been in the business world for a while but I have just
lost my job.  Can you help me create a small website that talks
about me and my accomplishments?

5.) I do not really want to maintain my own website - can you do it
for me?
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We can provide you with a low cost, basic
economic website to get you started in the
industry of your choice.

1.) As a Veteran myself, I am aware of the challenges that our
service men and women have upon their return from active
duty.  I can definitely help you with your business start up

2.) The website software is easy to use and easy to learn - even
for those folks who have little computer experience.

3.) If you have not created a business plan and written it down, I
will help you develop one that is realistic based on your
individual goals.  "Plan your work AND work your plan".

4.) You have spent many years in the business world and your
recent bad experience of losing your job has created the need to
let people know who your are and what your qualifications are?

5.) For a very minimal monthly or annual cost, I can maintain your
website for you -- better yet, teach you to do it yourself.

Call us or send us an email today
Ph: 717-344-1277
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Pit bulls are one of the most mistreated, misunderstood
and misrepresented breeds of all time. Pitties.Love.Peace’s
mission is to save those neglected and suffering at the
hands of humans and to adopt them into loving forever
homes. One of our main goals is to advocate for the breed
we love so much and to educate the public on the truth
about pit bulls.

Make your donation today by clicking on the image above.

If you chose to donate to this great organization, provide
us a with copy of your receipt and we will match your

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What Do You Want To Do?

If you are a veteran, what was your MOS and how can it be applied to
civilian job and/or business opportunities?

What fields are you interested in?  

Which one is most interesting to you?
Telecommunications, Design, Broadcast, Fiber Optics Network Design
or installation, etc.

Are you considering the fiber optics industry?

Do you need guidance on how to start your own fiber optics network
installation business or another type of business?

Do you need proper guidance on where to get professional,
industry-recognized fiber optics training or training in your field of
Short List of Categories For Your Website
Tell me a bit about yourself and we will work
together and design a great website for you.

If you do not care to provide a phone number, no worries
as I can email you.  You can be sure that no information
you provide is shared with anyone at any time.

Just fill in the form below and send it to me.  Or, better
yet, give me a call as I would be happy to talk with you
about your ideas.
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What do I do next and how much does it cost?
Note: Most of our 10 page sites run less than $375.00.  Usually, with "start-up" sites, 5 - 7 pages
will do the job for you. There is an initial annual fee of about $80.00 paid to the hosting service
and we will show you how to do that.  At no time do we collect your credit card information as that
is done by PayPal.  You DO NOT need a PayPal Account.
Those costs are tax deductible as a business expense!

1.) Think about what you would like to do.
2.) Contact me and tell me a bit about yourself.
3.) Together we will create a plan specific to your goals.
4.) You will receive a written quote describing all of the items we
intend to provide you.  
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Economic Websites that are Easy to Use, Easy to Maintain, AND at a Fraction of the Cost!
We are not just your everyday website design company!
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FOA members receive a 10%
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Questions? Ask the Owner.
Bob Ballard, Vietnam Veteran
Master Fiber Optics Instructor
Certifed by the
Ph: 717-
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educate yourself
in the field of
fiber optics.
We are a proud member
of the FOA.
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